Our Company HD DECOR LLC was founded by owner Kyla in 2021. The idea for the business came about when Kyla noticed a gap in the home decor market that featured designs with bright ,bold, stylish textile designs that had meaning and culture behind them. Kyla has always had a love for the ARTS and studied dance, art, and music while she attended a performing arts institution. Kyla began hand drawing textile patterns for fun at age 13 and eventually decided she wanted to make her artwork a business by 19 as she continued to build her art portfolio. Kyla enjoys creating very colorful eye-catching textile themes that bring fresh original looks to home decor.

Our pillowcases and duvet covers are created for people with boldcreative, and eccentric tastes that LOVE the ARTS in all FORMS including HOME DECOR. HD Decor creates comfortable, stylish pillowcases and duvet covers that have inspirational meaning behind each unique design. HD Decor platform allows YOU to personalize your pillowcase by size, fabric, and color which makes the shopping experience fun and distinctive for each person. HD Decor products are eco-friendly and durable. Meaning we only create by demand and our materials are high-quality and long lasting. HD Decor values our customers. We're easy to reach and will respond within 48 hours with any question or concerns.